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Tree Trimming can make any property look more visually appealing. If you are trying to sell a home, trees add that much-desired attribute, “curb appeal.” Trees also offer shade, which can help keep your energy bills lower in the hot months.

But taking care of trees can be more time-consuming than many homeowners realize. Untended trees can become a safety hazard for you, your family, neighbors and passersby. Trees can also be prone to diseases and pest infestations. A qualified tree trimming company will be able to spot any issues before they become serious. As well, a tree trimming service will ensure your trees continue to generate strong and healthy new growth.

Recommended Tree Services

Most trees need a combination of maintenance services to stay as healthy as possible. A tree trimming company can provide all of these services and more to keep your trees safe and healthy:Tree Removal Nashville

Pruning and trimming Tree pruning and trimming should be done as needed and at minimum once per year. Regular pruning and tree trimming service ensures your tree will remain as healthy as possible, because during the process, dead or diseased branches are removed (these are the branches most likely to fall and cause injury or damage later). A pruning and tree trimming service also helps your tree maximize the use of resources to generate new growth. And a tree pruning service can ensure sufficient sunlight can get through to keep your grass healthy as well.

View enhancement  View enhancement focuses on removing certain branches or even whole trees to improve the view and ambiance of your home space. This can also be a health measure – for instance, if your trees’ roots are growing too close to your underground utilities lines. And this can help manage the shade-to-sun ratio produced by your trees so your lawn and underlying foliage and greenery can also flourish.

Crown reduction Sometimes, a tree gets top-heavy. Certain types of trees are more prone to this issue than others, but no tree is exempt. When a tree gets top-heavy, there is increased danger of breakage and falling during storms or due to old age. Crown reduction reduces weight at the top and sides of the tree, resulting in a shape that will best support balanced and healthy new growth. Along with crown reduction your tree service may recommend thinning to maximize new healthy growth.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding Services

During regular tree pruning and trimming, your tree trimming service may recommend that a tree be removed. This recommendation will only be made when it is clear that the tree is compromised beyond what a tree pruning service can fix. Perhaps the tree is just old, or it may be suffering from a pest infestation or a disease that has made it structurally unsound and thus dangerous.

When you decide to remove a tree from your property, you will need two services: tree removal and stump grinding. These two services will ensure that any disease or pests from the removed tree will not remain to infest other trees. You will also then have a free and clear space to plant a new tree or landscape in other ways.

About Gist Tree Service

Gist Tree Service is owned by Reggie and Robyn Gist. For more than a decade now, Gist Tree Service has been caring for trees in the Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas. Together the staff has more than three decades of industry experience. Gist Tree Service works with all property insurance companies and also provides 24/7 emergency service calls.

No tree is too tall or short, too young or old to benefit from a regular schedule of tree maintenance. Be sure to ask about our new client, single parent and senior citizen discounts. Contact us at 615-456-9824 or today.


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