Stump Grinding

At times, it may become necessary to completely remove a tree from your property. While removing the above-ground portion tends to go fairly quickly and easily, removing the portion that remains below ground – the stump – can be more challenging. Here, you will want to bring in a stump grinding service for both stump removal and stump grinding.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal will typically extend up to 14 feet below the ground surface to remove the stump itself and as much as possible of the outgrowing root system. While some individuals may choose to leave the stump portion, there are many good reasons to have it removed when you have the tree removed.

Here are the most compelling reasons to opt for tree stump removal:

– The stump can rot and attract pests and parasites.
– The stump can become an eyesore and detract from your home’s resale value.
– The stump may attract termites which can then infest your home as well.
– The stump can interfere with new landscaping in that area of your lawn.
– The stump can literally regrow if the root system is still intact!

When the stump is removed, the first step is to cut it as close to ground level as possible. This makes it easier to bore holes in the stump and use a drill, shovel, pick axe and other tools to break the below-ground stump up into manageable chunks. Sometimes a stump softener is also used to make this part of the process faster and easier to accomplish.

Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding is the natural next step after stump removal has occurred. You may actually find yourself surprised by how massive the below-ground part of the removed tree is! There are a number of different stump grinding machines that can be used to grind down the stump. Some machines actually allow the stump grinding service to skip the laborious process of breaking up the below-ground stump by simply grinding all the way down into the ground.

With this approach, the stump grinder machine is positioned right over the area of the stump (which has been sawed off as close to ground level as is possible). Then the stump grinder machine is turned on. It uses a very sharp blade that circulates continuously to grind away the central column of the stump and the roots that surround it. The machine itself swings the grinding blade in one direction and then the other as the blade pulverizes the stump wood while leaving the rest of the surrounding lawn and landscape intact.

When the stump grinding process is complete, what you will be left with is a pile of wood chips. You can keep these chips to use as mulching fertilizer or have the tree service take it away.

About Gist Tree Removal and Stump Grinding Service

Gist Tree Removal is a family-owned and operated business that has served clients throughout the Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas for more than a decade. Gist Tree Removal uses a Vermeer self-propelled stump grinder to remove stumps of all shapes and sizes from anywhere. Gist Tree Removal’s crew has more than three decades of expertise between them and there is no stump they cannot master.

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