In the midst of a winter storm, the last thing you need is for trees and their branches to fall onto your home, damaging your roof and or windows. When it comes to Mother Nature, there is a lot of uncertainty in predicting her moods. Although the meteorologists do their best to warn you of inclement weather. Only by hiring a tree service can you start the process of making sure your home remains safe and out of harm’s way.

Some Branches Are Hazardous

Even the healthiest of trees have branches that should be removed prior to the arrival of any adverse weather. Branches that extend over your roof or within several feet of the perimeter around your home should be removed. They pose a serious hazard that can put the safety of you and your family at risk.

Know What Trees Are Acceptable

Although trees are great investments, as they help to purify the air, provide shade and provide a source of beauty, some species of trees should not be planted on residential property. They may be prone to disease and pests and may also create potential problems as they grow. Check with your local arborist organization and utility company for recommendations about the types of trees that should not be on your property.

Regular Tree Trimming Is a Necessity

Schedule regular tree trimming and pruning appointment to help keep the growth of your trees and shrubs in check. By keeping them properly maintained, you can avoid potential problems that may come about when there are rain, snow and wind storms.

Also, remove stumps that are on your property. Although they are no longer trees, they can become home to certain undesirable pests, such as bees, wasps, raccoons, rats and more. By eliminating this type of habitat from your property, you can help to keep pests from damaging it and affecting your health and comfort.

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